Best Practices in Promoting Responsible Travel (Helsinki)

Publicado: 20/04/2011 en Documentos, Europa

Best Practices in Promoting Responsible Travel in Helsinki, 25.-29. April, 2011

The association for fair travel is organizing a workshop to share and learn best practises in promoting responsible travel. The workshop is a part the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme Grundvig.

Workshop is part of European Union Grundvig Programme and it is open to EU residents over 18 years old and who are involved in promoting fair tourism.

The workshop has 3 overall themes:

1) What is meant by responsible travel in different European countries? How do travellers, tourism employees and representatives of responsible tourism NGO’s perceive it?

– choosing the mode of transport, rationalisation of energy and water consumption, waste issues. How can a traveller influence her ecological footprint during travelling?

– status of the local population in tourism destinations: labour rights of tourism employees, possibilities of communities to participate in decision-making processes, cultural respect

2) How can a traveller ensure that money spent while travelling ends up benefiting the local community? Supporting local production and supply chains, purchasing authentic products. Which purchases should be encouraged, which ones are best avoided?

3) Strategies for awareness raising, motivating and spurring responsible travel

– How to combat undesirable side effects of tourism: awareness raising, guidance or prohibitions? Examples of ways to influence traveller behaviour and travel choices.

Participants are expected to prepare beforehand and present in the workshop an overview of practices and experiences about responsible travel and its promotion in their home countries.

During the workshop, presentations on each day’s topic will be heard, followed by group work based on personal experiences and insights of the participants.

Program includes study visits to sights and tourism-related enterprises that are committed to sustainability principles. After the visits, feedback sessions will be held, enabling participants to debate whether the principles of the day’s topic were manifested in the actions of the enterprise visited.

Expected outputs (especially in terms of the learning outcomes for the participants)

Participants will gain a balanced and many-faceted understanding of the current status of responsible travel, its problems and promotion in different parts of Europe. As an outcome of the workshop, a compilation of best practices will be produced and published.

Participants will develop new ways of understanding, promoting and developing forms of responsible travel, and create a starting point for a Europe wide network on sustainable tourism promotion.participants

  1. Agrotravel dice:

    Nosotros ya estamos preparando las maletas porque vamos a tener la suerte de participar. Seguro que aprendemos un montón y nos ayudara a hacer mejor nuestro trabajo.


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